The New Solar Boom

the new solar boom

It’s estimated that 36% of the US renewable energy generation will come from solar by 2050.

The state of Nevada is considered a premium place for Solar Energy!

There is no doubt that 2020 it’s been a year of big changes, the current stay-at-home orders in effect across the world have done more than shuttered non-essential businesses and schools, they’re also shifting energy-use patterns, and as a consequence the average residential electricity consumption has spiked.

On the other hand, The global warming effect cannot be denied anymore and its making an emergency call for the rescue of our planet earth and the adoption of renewable and clean energy sources such as solar panels are needed now more than ever.

It is true, besides of the environmental benefits of implementing the use clean energy sources, the upsides of using cheap and clean energy are many more. Some of the potential benefits for homeowners, include reduced energy bills, getting energy independence, and the opportunity for individuals to make a statement about their environmental beliefs.

Traditional strategies for increasing adoption of renewable energy systems have centered on performance and pricing. Much current research focuses on improving technical performance such as energy conversion efficiency.

Solar panel installers have found that the aesthetics of solar panels it’s constantly mentioned by concerned homeowners about the house appealing look of these solar PV cells on their roof.

Solar Panels add great a touch of modern to a house, making it more attractive to potential buyers from the energy efficiency point of view, and the futuristic and slick look acquired.

Solar panels in my house

Solar panels in my house

There is no doubt, Solar panel’s visual appearance plays a big role in consumer preferences, of course there are some people that don’t like the look of a Solar System on their roof, but the truth is Residential Solar roof top its becoming such a common sight, that houses with an installed solar system are actually becoming more appealing to potential buyers than houses that don’t have Solar, and each day more and more homeowners are signing up for the Solar program available in Nevada.

Besides the positive visual appeal, the performance and price of solar panels are the main deciding factors that homeowners considered in solar panel adoption.

Our Solar Advisors, have put together the main attributes a Solar Panel must have in order to be considered a good Solar Panel for your house.

1) Reliability: It’s the life span of a solar panel, given by a years-of-warranty. Most Modern Solar panels have a Shelf life of more than 50 years, and most warranties cover the Solar Panels for 25 years against any manufacturing defects or Malfunctions.

2) Price: The price is for Solar is cheaper than paying your utility bill, there is no question about that. However, is always good to shop around and compare prices before making a solar panel purchase.

3) Efficiency: it refers to a panel’s solar-to-electricity energy conversion rate. The higher the efficiency, the fewer solar panels needed to meet the electricity demands of a home. Solar panels range from low tiers of 10% efficiency to first tiers of 30% or more efficiency.

4) Grid-tying Service: A solar panel system can be independent of community’s electricity grid, or it can be connected. Being tied to the utility grid enables a homeowner to potentially sell excess electricity to the grid, which is often desirable to the homeowner. In Nevada the Solar Program requires the solar panels to be tied to the grid and it’s known as NET Metering Program.

Now more than ever the need for adopting clean and renewable sources of energies is more important than ever.
Let’s help the environment and let’s help our planet to heal by adopting and using the power of our Sun.
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by Solarman