Nevada Roof Top Solar Program

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What is The Nevada Roof Top Solar Program?

Before we get into the details of the Solar Program in the state of Nevada, let’s dig into history a little bit.

The electric power grid as we know today, it began with isolated power generation systems across the world starting in the 1870s. When the grid was first used it powered factories and the homes of wealthy individuals. The average person, however, still used lamps for light.
As this power grid evolved it allowed for the growth and unification of the systems into an interconnected AC power grid, lowering the production cost and helping to raise the quality of life of people from all classes.

How does the Electric Grid Works?

how the electric grid works
As technology continued to advance, the use of electricity grew exponentially to the point where without ELECTRICITY we couldn’t have our everyday activities done. Without Electricity our civilization will stop moving and evolving. The advances in different types of technologies have in turn caused the birth and development of other power sources to evolve such as Clean Renewable Energies.

The 21st century its known as the new era “The new age of renewable energy”

Solar energy is considered a renewable, it comes from the power of our Sun. It’s Clean energy because Solar power is essentially carbon-free and is a vast and inexhaustible resource that can supply a significant amount of power for our global electricity needs.

Adding renewable energy to your home or business is a big decision, but one that will reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.

In the United States, over two million households already have solar panels on their roof; utilities and companies across the country are also investing in solar farms to capture the sun’s energy at a larger scale.

In Nevada, The Nevada State Legislature has passed The bill AB 405.
AB 405 would immediately allow rooftop solar customers to be reimbursed for excess generation from a solar system at 95 percent of the retail electricity rate. Over time, though, customer compensation would decline. The amended bill would create four tiers, where credit rates decrease in 7 percent increments for every 80 megawatts of rooftop solar generation deployed to a floor of 75 percent of the retail rate. A previous version of the bill lowered compensation in increments based on peak load.

The State of Nevada has already reached the capacity from tiers 1 thru 3 and are closed.

Currently Nevada it’s on the Net Metering Tier 4.

Under this tier, the net metering rate it’s 75% of the retail rate. Customers who sign up to net meter under this rate will keep it for a period of 20 years at the location where the net metering system was originally installed.
There is no capacity limit for Tier 4. The net metering rate will remain 75% of the retail rate unless modified by legislative action.

To learn more about the Net Metering Program in Nevada follow the link to the Public Utilities Commission below:

Go to PUC page


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