Net Metering for Nevada

net metering in Nevada

Net Metering in Nevada

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid.
In Nevada under the Net Metering Program, when solar panel owners produce more energy than they use, they get a credit on their utility bill for the power they supply to the grid.

For more information about the Solar program in Nevada and NET Metering rates follow the link
Net Metering rates in NEVADA

Solar Technology is a clean and renewable energy that has been implemented in Nevada becoming a total success, helping people to save money and helping the environment.
Nevada has been proven to be a total success when it comes to the solar Industry, and like Senator Harry Reid once said:

“Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of solar energy and is poised to lead a global
clean-energy revolution”

Nevada has honored this statement and by marking those words Nevada has posted the fastest growth and the largest number of solar jobs per person in the nation last year, according to the Solar Foundation’s annual jobs census. An estimated $569 million also was invested in solar in 2014, a 427 percent jump from the previous year, the Solar Energy Industries Association found.

Purchase your solar panels  and take advantage of the net metering program in Nevada and the ITC federal incentive NOW! 

For all the homeowners that are taking action now by going solar, they are getting godfathered under their signed contracts, and they will enjoy the economic benefits for years to come.

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