Does Solar Panels make financial sense?

solar panels make financial sense

I have always been interested in 2 things:

Great financial investments and eco- friendly alternatives forms of clean energy.


Solar Power is both.

Solar Energy it’s one of the best options both cheap and for renewable energy that is available right now to almost anyone.
By living in Las Vegas Nevada and surrounding areas, you soon realize how many bright days (more than 300 days of sun) and clear skies Nevada has during a year.


The state of Nevada has passed bill AB465.

This bill requires such electric utilities to offer an expanded solar access program to residential customers and to certain nonresidential customers who consume less than 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month.

Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed legislation into law that will make Nevada one of the most aggressive states in regard to its renewable portfolio standard — by 2030, 50 percent of the electricity generated in the state must be from renewable sources such as Solar Power by 2030 and aim for 100% carbon-free resources by 2050.

In Nevada, the utility Solar Program is known as “NET Metering Program“.

To comply with this mandate Nevada has implemented programs where its requires utility companies to produce a certain amount of energy from renewable energy, where instead of purchasing or installing renewable energy, the utilities may buy certificates or SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) from owners of solar PV systems, this is known as  Net Metering.

What is net metering?

Do you like Savings?

Investing in Solar panels, most of the time makes financial sense.

Of course you love Savings!
We all like to get that extra cash in our pockets and save money for future needs, especially when I get to get the exact same quality Product or Service for a lesser price!

Electricity generation is the process of generating Electric power from primary energy sources.

And despite how Electricity is being generated, the Electricy that we are constantly using on our daily lives is the same presence and flow of electrons through conductors that create the magic around us!

By adopting Solar Power you are becoming a generator of Electricity instead of being only a consumer!
In Nevada is a state where for the most part of the year you get plenty of sunny days!

Solar Panels are the perfect eco-friendly choice and a long term responsible and Green Investment, that eventually will transform into a Passive Income, by saving you thousands of dollars over time!

Reducing our energy polluting practices and Carbon foot print created by the burning of fossil fuels and other dirty Energy sources is worth to the cause Social Responsibility of helping our planet Earth environment and Humanity to survive.

Not needing to worry about wasting your hard earned money paying a monthly bill to a utility company, where the electricity rates are always increasing your bill for life, Solar panels will be constantly producing all the energy you will ever likely need for cheap.
With Solar Power, there is no need to worry about energy prices hikes or inflation and shortages.
Energy independence gives us a liberating feeling by giving us Energy freedom, and this is very gratifying and provides a great feeling of freedom and accomplishment.

Most Solar Panels are warranted for 25 years and are expected to last much longer than that.

Solar Panels that were manufactured over 40 years ago are still functional today!
PV technology has considerable improved over the years and Solar Panels produced today are manufactured with tighter tolerances and better and more efficient materials capable of producing energy even in gloomy, rainy and even snowy days.

Before the Solar panels need to be replaced, they will have paid for themselves four to five times,
and potentially more depending on inflation.

Today, solar power has become way cheaper than grid prices and in most locations is cheaper than utility electricity.
In other words the Solar power Energy you produce at home is less expensive than the one from the conventional utility company!
However, what makes solar panels worth it, are the robust federal, and state incentives. The Federal government offers a tax credit of 30% of the total cost of a qualifying solar PV installation.

In the war to help stopping Climate Change, the government is helping homeowners with nearly 1/3 of the price of your residential purchased solar panels in Nevada and the rest of the USA.
If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, side hustler or independent contractor and the solar PV system is part of your business you can also depreciate some of the costs of your installation. Depending on the amount of your taxable income, combining depreciation and tax credits, it’s possible to get between 50% and 70% back from the Federal Government.
Adopting Solar Power by buying Solar Panels could be one of the best decisions you can possibly ever make.
So, as a conclusion, investing in solar Power by buying your own Solar panels can be a great way to save money, get an hedge against inflation and help the environment.

Invest in solar.

Let’s go green!
Adopting Solar Power and leave a legacy of clean air and free Energy for the future, it’s easier and cheaper than you’d think!.

However, the various options and incentives can be difficult to navigate on your own, and it is best to reach out to a knowledgeable Solar Advisor who can help you in providing you with valuable information and answering your questions about Solar power for your house like:

How  do Solar Panels for residential work?

Getting the best and an ideal advice on your Home Solar Project by optimizing your Solar Installation to fit your budget and your consumption needs.

NV Solar residential works with the best Solar installers in Nevada that offer  best technology and the best value in Solar Panels to homeowners.

If you got any questions about the Solar Program in Nevada or would like to purchase your Solar Panels in cash or if you are looking to get qualified for financing at a very low interest rate feel free to contact us here.


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